Custom Protection Services Inc. offers individuals, and businesses complete protection services and crisis management solutions to meet their needs. The Company’s portfolio of services includes:

Personal protection                  Risk analysis

Maritime security                      Investigative services

Online security monitoring     Crisis response

Personal travel protection       Gated security                  Cyber security monitor




Short Term Growth Strategy:

The immediate plan is to develop new service contracts through the implementation of an aggressive marketing plan utilizing traditional and next generation media along with community event sponsorship. The goal is to generate a minimum of $100,000 of new business per month.

Long Term Growth Strategy:

The long-term growth strategy is to grow through acquisition. The security services industry is very fragmented with over 10,000+ companies operating in the US domestic market. Our goal is to grow by acquiring three to four of these companies per year. An ideal acquisition target will have an established customer base, be profitable with revenue in excess of $2 million annually and offer services that are complementary to our existing portfolio.


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